The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

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GTA Categories

New this year are some exciting new categories. Industry suppliers and parks have direct involvement with nominations in Best Innovation of 2019 and Best New Attraction Installation of 2019. As the amusement industry continues to grow in the FEC sector, Breakout Family Entertainment Center of 2019 will recognize parks who have upped their game and improved their offerings.

Other categories have been updated or modified, adding a new layer of perspective. The previous category of Best New Ride is now divided into Best New Family Attraction of 2019 and Best New Roller Coaster of 2019. (Best New Water Park Ride of 2019 remains.) Best Marine Life Park has been expanded to Best New Marine Life/Wildlife Park. Operations, friendliness and cleanliness have combined to become a unified category: Best Park Experience.

Sought-after accolades such as Best Park and Best Water Park, as well as longtime, fan favorites that include roller coasters, water rides, dark rides and more will still be awarded. Winners are announced live on September 8 at the Golden Ticket Awards ceremony at Silverwood in Athol, Idaho.

Best Amusement Park of 2019
Which park exemplifies a great experience, offers a variety of quality attractions, is keeping its operations and park maintenance at the highest level and should be a “must do” for anyone wishing to visit The Best of the Best?

Best Water Park of 2019
Which water park offers a broad range of attractions, has signature touches and attractions that make it stand out from other parks, has efficient operations and sets quality standards for the water park industry?

Best New Attraction Installation of 2019
Celebrating a new attraction that’s been installed and is operating in 2019. The attraction’s uniqueness, popularity, theming and effect on the industry are all considered.

Innovation of the Year (2019)
Celebrating an idea, an attraction, a concept or other industry innovation that may be a game changer in the industry for years to come. These innovations can come from a supplier, a park, a ride manufacturer or virtually anyone involved in the industry.

Most Beautiful Park of 2019
Which park is dedicated to beautiful landscaping, theming and architecture, maintained buildings and a colorful environment?

Best Wildlife/Marine Life Park of 2019
Which park best aligns thrills and family fun with the majesty of animals and nature and educational opportunities?

Best Family Park of 2019
This category focuses on smaller parks that feature rides that parents ride with their kids. Roller coasters don’t go upside down and the majority of rides are of moderate size. Which park exemplifies the highest level of quality experiences, warmth and character and a wide variety of rides all within a well-maintained family-friendly park.

Best Guest Experience of 2019
Which park excels at the highest level in these three areas: efficient operations, friendly staff and cleanliness throughout the park?

Best New Show of 2019
Celebrating the new-for-2019 show that rose above the competition and provided a must-see spectacle inside it’s hosting park.

Best Kids Area In A Park of 2019
Taking into consideration the variety of attractions, recent additions, and rides parents and kids can enjoy together, which park has an area dedicated to families with young kids that has offerings at the highest level?

Best Food of 2019
Reflecting on variety, value, quality — and most importantly — taste, which park exemplifies the ideal food experience in a park?

Best Dark Ride of 2019
Which ride demonstrates a dark ride experience — that is of the highest quality and rises above the others in this category — that is well-maintained and has efficient operations?

Best Water Ride In An Amusement Park of 2019
Considering factors of signature elements, being consistently maintained, a high level of fun and — in your opinion — the appropriate amount of splash, which water ride rises above the rest?

Best Water Park Ride of 2019
Among water park attractions, which attraction offers a unique, extremely fun and signature stand-out attraction that makes it a “must do” among families and enthusiasts?

Best Halloween Event of 2018
Taking into consideration the amount of Halloween offerings, the variety provided to guests, value of the event and — in your opinion — the right amount of screams.

Best Christmas Event of 2018
Which park conveyed the highest level of holiday spirit, the best variety of Christmas decorations and activities for families, and a good value for a Christmas festival event?

Best New Coaster of 2019
Which new coaster of 2019 provides the highest level of fun, exhibits solid operations, features signature elements and adds something significant to its park?

Best New Family Attraction of 2019
Which new non-coaster attraction provides families with a signature ride experience that goes beyond a production model ride installation?

Best New Water Park Ride of 2019
Which new water park experience provides guests with an extremely fun, signature attraction that makes it a stand-out among water park rides?

Breakout Family Entertainment Center of 2019
Which family entertainment center has installed new rides, attractions and offerings to improve their guest experience in 2019?

Best Wooden Coaster of 2019

Best Steel Coaster of 2019

Person/Park of the Year
This Publisher’s Pick Golden Ticket Award recognizes a person or park that has risen to the challenge in recent years and earned industry recognition. They’ve been a leader, an innovator, and their accomplishments have made them an inspiration to the industry-at-large.

The Renaissance Award
Sometimes it’s taking the step back and remembering the roots of the amusement industry that leads facilities into their future. This Publisher’s Pick Golden Ticket Award recognizes the person, supplier or park who has resurrected a part of industry history in a new, fun, popular and/or innovative way to welcome guests for years to come.

Turnstile Award
Recognizing a commitment to excellence, a willingness to push themselves and the courage to take risks, this Publisher’s Pick Golden Ticket Award recognizes the facility or supplier who’s shown dedication to keep their ‘turnstiles’ active with delighted and eager guests.

Golden Ticket Awards LEGENDS
The Legends series recognizes the icons of the amusement industry … the “Best of the Best” for year after year. Individuals, suppliers, parks and attractions can all be recognized as a GTA Legend, forever being honored at the annual Golden Ticket Awards event and other industry gatherings.