The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

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Golden Ticket Awards

Amusement Today will host 2021 Golden Ticket Awards online

ARLINGTON, Texas — Amusement Today Publisher Gary Slade has announced that the 2021 Golden Ticket Awards voting would return to it normal selection of categories and a special presentation event will be held online.

“After an extensive search to find the right location for our annual in-person event, it became clear that our industry is still in recovery mode,” explained Slade. “Our staff thought it was best to hold off on the in-person event for one more year.”

“We are hard at work to get our in-person event back on track in 2022 and hopefully that will be in San Antonio as originally planned for 2019 before the pandemic hit.”

Slade continued, “As parks ramp up for summer operation, recent labor shortages have made multiple shift operation difficult. While industry suppliers have reported strong spare parts sales, new ride sales remain low as our indsutry slowly returns to form.”

Once the 2021 Golden Ticket voting has concluded, Amusement Today will announce the winners via taped programming on the web similar to how the awards were announced in 2020. The National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives in Plainview, Texas, will serve as the backdrop for this year’s winning ticket announcements, showcasing to the industry the progress that has been made on the facility.

The class of 2021 Golden ticket Awards winners will be announced online on Friday, September 9, 2021.

Nominations for 2021 Golden Tickets

In addition to the multiple core categories of the Golden Ticket Awards, a group of specific awards will reflect advancements in the industry. With the pandemic having significant effects on the 2020 season, both 2020 and 2021 will be combined in certain categories. Amusement Today is seeking nominations of worthy recipients. Nominations can be made by any industry professional: park employee or operator, manufacturer, consulting firm, etc. All nominations should be sent to Golden Ticket Awards Communications Coordinator Tim Baldwin at Use “Golden Ticket Nominations” as the subject line. Nominations must be received by June 30.

Nominations are being accepted for:

Best Innovation of 2021
This award acknowledges any new product, service or procedure that demonstrates innovative improvement, safety or an increase in customer service, the guest experience or sales.

Leadership Award
A park, company or individual may be nominated for efforts in successfully addressing an industry issue, weather crisis or world event, an improvement in training or raising standards within the industry.

Best New Show of 2021
Nominations for this category must be a recording of a show that can be sent via a video transfer service. Each entry must be a completely new show for this season (not just a new cast).

Breakout FEC of 2020/2021
This category recognizes family entertainment centers who have expanded, made improvements or implemented marketing strategies that have resulted in increased attendance.

Best New Ride Installation for 2020/2021
This award is a comprehensive acknowledgement of ride experience, theming, inclusion into the area, impact on the park’s audience, re-rideability and operational reliability.