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The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

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Concept 2 Model D For Sale


The Concept 2 Model D is a complex rower that's adored by consumers all over the world. It comes with the innovative PM5 monitor which permits precise and accurate session monitoring, while supplying air immunity with all the flywheel and damper.

This is a significant machine which is used by Olympians throughout coaching.

The Complete Guide On How To Purchase A Concept 2 Rower

Concept2 rowers are not affordable. If you are lucky you could have the ability to obtain a whole lot on a one and save yourself a good deal of money. Following the steps in this manual will surely improve your odds of accomplishing this.

Why Purchase A Concept 2 Model DRower

Concept2 creates some of the best rowing machines available on the market. Their rowers are extremely popular and adored due to their excellent performance, high build quality, and endurance. If you would like to find out more about the very well-known models then it is possible to have a look at our testimonials for the Concept 2 Model D deals and Concept2 Model E prior to continuing.
But in case you are here I guess you do not need any convincing regarding how amazing these machines really are, you only need to understand how you can get one for an wonderful cost so that you can begin training.

Tips For Finding A Concept 2 Model D For Sale

Before I show one of the very best places online to obtain a C2 rower I wish to discuss some tips and tricks you can utilize while looking to help you discover a fantastic thing.
To receive your hands on a fantastic rower you'll require a couple of things.

Patience -- You will probably have to play the long game . You might discover a fantastic C2 rower to get a wonderful cost ready to be picked up only round the corner from you. If that's the case, count your blessings. But odds are that the procedure will drag out just a bit and you will want to demonstrate some perseverance to discover your rower.

Even in the event that you discover a machine you need, you want to be certain it's inside a space which you could realistically access for collection. When there's nothing available in your town then you might need to sit tight because you do not wish to be spending large transport fees.

Speed Wins! -- once you've discovered a rower which you enjoy and meets all your standards then you want to act quickly. It is likely that if you like it, others will also.
Occasionally owners might not see the worth of this rower when. Should they post you for superb inexpensive you can bet they'll be lots of interest. If you are fast you might find a good deal.
Notice: If you're buying from a vendor or market that doesn't allow you to observe the merchandise first (eBay for example) then do not hurry your decision. Ensure that you find out as much as possible concerning the rower before finalizing the purchase price. And just buy if you're feeling totally comfortable doing this.

Money In Hand -- Make certain you've got the money ready/available to make your buy. Letting the owner understand that you're all set to pay asap (same day when possible) will be a massive plus.
Photos Are A necessity -- Search for listings with real images of this rower you'll be buying. Blow Off listings with official business photos, commercial shots, and undoubtedly those with no graphics in any way.

Too Cheap Rowers -- Ignore listings at absurd rates. Most likely, if the deal is too good to be true then it probably will be. I would advise you to bypass those listings but if you find one and it looks legit then by all means go to this.

Just bear in mind that a number of the websites we are going to use frequently have spammy bargains and industrial vendors. Attempt to use the platform configurations your on to filter out these listings if possible. When it is not, simply ignore them.

Search Query -- I propose only looking for the expression Concept 2 in the search box rather than including any extra information like model type. This is only because some could use various distinct terms rather than record the rower details. However, you can be quite certain they will incorporate the brand name.

Alerts/Notifications -- One amazing trick which you may use to keep in front of the package is establishing alerts so that you're informed whenever a new post is listed that matches your question. The question"Concept2" will likely bring in the top results but you may also attempt by model type too.

There are some methods to do this to the various platforms that I will touch on below but you may also produce a general Google alert that can send you an email whenever Google indicators a post with your query. It is also possible to inform Google specific sites which you need to get notified about. By way of instance, you may ask Google to send you an email each time a new post on Craigslist seems together with the expression Concept2, rower, or rowing machine.

Conserve Your Findings -- be certain to bookmark any good/promising articles so you may refer back to it if desired. It is likely that you will have the ability to find it but if you are looking at a great deal of different machines that this can save you quite a little time.

Where Can I Purchase A Concept2 Rowing Machine For Sale?

There are in fact a number of alternatives available to you when looking to obtain a C2 rower. A number of these you are most likely aware of but there are also a few more obscure choices which can bring you surprising outcomes. Let us go through them today.

I guess you know about Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, these 2 spots are on very top of my go-to listing, but everybody else that is looking for a rower will probably be checking those websites, which means you may need to get inventive.

I have observed a C2 rower (version D) on Facebook Marketplace for $400, a complete steal. I messaged the vendor within half an hour of up it, but they had a buyer who has been about the way with money in hand. Bummer!

Thus, while Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are excellent, you want to be fast on the draw. They are the largest platform with the maximum amount of consumers, so competition is high, making it tough to locate a fantastic thing.

My Hack For Getting The Best Price

One hack which you could do is to install "Saved Searches" on FB Marketplace and Craigslist.
Whenever you do so you will find a notification each time a new record pops up which satisfies your criteria.
For example, if you're looking for a Concept 2 Model D rower, then in the event that you install searches for "Concept 2","Concept 2 Model D", "Model D rower", etc... you will be among the very first to see it.
It's possible to discover how to establish a saved search on Facebook Marketplace here.
And you'll be able to lean how to establish a search telling on Craigslist here.

Remember, lots of hardcore homegym equipment buyers already know more about the search telling hack, so rate is still important once you're looking to have a deal.
I would recommend jumping on bargains and attempting to satisfy with the seller in person when possible. I have waited a day or 2 when purchasing something from a vendor (we'd verbal obligations ) just to have them before I got there. All these websites are sort of the wild west of health gear sales, material comes and goes fast.
Occasionally people suckso just be patient and proceed as quickly as you feel comfortable.

Things To Search For When Purchasing Indoor Rower

Okay, so now we understand where to locate rowers and the way to locate bargains, the next step is to find out exactly what to look for when purchasing a secondhand rower.
Below is my record I run via:

1. Confirm As Much Information on The List As You Can

Prior to making some plans to meet somebody, confirm as much information as possible based from this list info.

What version is your rower?
What is the asking price?
What's it? (discovering the entire year can be difficult, however, the version and track can signify the year it had been created, here is the C2 manual on How Best to check the entire year of your rower)
Just how many yards does it have on it? (that is like the mileage on a car, you can use this useful article to find out how to check the yards )
What screen does it have on it? (PM5 would be the present C2 monitors, they debuted in 2014)
Are there any defects or visible issues with the rower? (cracked display, dings from the plastic, janky rowing series, etc...)
Can the machine comprise each the simple gear? (i.e. comprises footpads, rowing handle, etc...)
When you do so you should have all the info you want to make a determination.


This is possibly the hottest rowing machine around Earth. It is a staple in most Pilates colleges and can be utilized by the very best athletes from the world if they can not go out to the water and really row. It is also possible to find this version at most commercial health clubs, largely because of it's simplicity of use, build quality and also the truth that it is suitable for new and advanced users alike.

Everything is flexible and made to suit you. The footrests are flexible and permit for simple pruning while adapting wide foot dimensions. The handle includes a 10 degree bend that supplies only the right ergonomic grip intended for rigorous rowing sessions.

Factor Competition
The flywheel reacts to your own effort. What exactly does this imply? The more difficult you row, the further immunity which will be felt. There's also a coil damper which lets you place your personal immunity levels to make sure you're receiving the best possible exercise.

Comfort can be top-notch, with customers having the ability to row for hours.

If it comes to exercise equipment, not enough emphasis is put on performance monitoring. But with all the PM5 on board you've got among the most innovative monitors on the market available. This monitor Permits You to monitor:


That is pretty standard. Right? The PM5 goes a step farther and permits for 5 screen alternatives:

All information
Bar graph
Large print
Force curve
This info is what's going to permit you to correct your workouts to actually see results. Possessing a bar chart before a pacer will make sure that you stay consistent with your rowing in any way times.

For anybody actually trying to push their limits, this system can definitely get you there.

There's also wireless heart monitor capability which uses Bluetooth to connect to your heart monitoring system. Users of this iPhone or Android is going to have the ability to connect with a free program that offers additional feedback and work out storage right on your own mobile or mobile device.

When you are done rowing, then it includes a quick-release mechanism which needs no resources to participate. This permits you to divide the device into two distinct bits and keep it with ease. Additionally, there are caster wheels which will make it possible for you to transfer the device without any heavy lifting involved.

Advanced monitoring with all the PM5
Outstanding resistance
Smooth rowing encounter
This is not a non traditional version, therefore it is going to be a little bit more costly compared to other versions intended for novices. Sadly, this is from the cost range for a lot of folks seeking to get or stay fit.

However this really is a machine that's unmatched concerning longevity, quality and monitoring.

You get what you pay for, and this is a quality example of a top notch machine which would be understood in houses of athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the world.

Concept 2 Model D: Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Which Apps Could I Use with all the Concept 2 Model D Rower?

Concept2 possess their particular program -- known as ErgData -- which functions with their PM5 games console and connects with your apparatus. It is also possible to use popular group programs, map programs and trackers with your rower. Alternatives cover all types of workouts and comprise Zwift, asebsei, Krew, Kinomap and Regatta. New programs are coming out all of the time, therefore this listing is guaranteed to grow.

#2 What's your Maximum Weight and Height Recommendation?

The producers urge 227kgs (35 rock ) because the maximum burden. Model D was confirmed to European security standards for 135kgs. In case you have an inseam (inside leg) of over 38 inches, then Concept2 recommend you contact them for an extra-long rail. The typical height of somebody with a 38″ inseam is 6 foot 7 inches.

#3 Can Concept Rowers Come with a Full Warranty?

Yes you receive a complete 2 year guarantee with this rower covering all of the components. The framework comes with an extended 5 year guarantee.

#4 Is Assembly Required?

Assembly is minimal with all the D. There are only 8 screws needed, also connecting the monorail with the front part of the unit. That can be super-easy, it has been cited as a positive multiple occasions from the comments / comments at several resellers.

Number 5 How Many Calories will a Session on the Concept 2 Rowing Machines Burn?

If you're committed, you can burn up to 600 calories a hour of rowing on a Concept2 machine. This is a difficult exercise, with 30 minutes becoming more realistic. This could burn somewhere between 200 and 300 calories. Factors that come into play include how aggressively you row, your own weight and current fitness levels.

A Wonderful Rower - But is it Worth the Cost?

Concept 2 Model D with all the PM5 console sets the standard for rowing machines. There's no'club style' or'commerical degree' advertising speak with those machines -- they're 100 percent the top of the class, and look in gyms / fitness centers across the world.

You get a large, robust rower with a very long list of little touches. It is also possible to use your personal iPad, telephone or tablet computer to get in touch with popular group coaching, training and map programs.

The cost point is greater compared to many options. If you think about this within the potential 10+ years you are going to receive out of the Concept 2 rowing machine, it represents better value than you purchase from funding rowing machines.