The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

The Golden Ticket Awards | Presented by Amusement Today

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6 Top Things A Great Amusement Park Is Expected To Have

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eNot all amusement parks look the same. Every single park is designed on a specific theme, it is thought to attract a certain pool of consumers. For this reason, you may easily find big differences among the existing amusement parks and you may even think that some of them are great while others are pretty low in quality. It’s not all a matter of personal taste. It’s also a matter of what every amusement park can offer.

Parks And Fun

Magic Kingdom Park

Consumers expect amusement parks to offer memorable features, thrilling rides at all corners, endless fun for the little ones as well as for the adults. There are huge amusement parks that offer swimming pools and water shows with animals (usually, dolphins but also killer whales), that’s a great option for those who love water games and animals.

But probably what gives the best popularity to an amusement park is its capability to go beyond people’s expectations. You can find amazing thrilling rides and swimming pools… but what makes a particular park a total success is the way it can offer things you didn’t even bare to ask for. When you can feel such an astonishment, you will surely define that park as “the best” park on earth.

What’s The Concept Of Entertainment?casino online

Entertainment is indeed a pretty complicated concept. It has much to do with fun but we should keep in mind that entertainment is also connected to the intellectual sphere. Let’s explain this idea through an example: a comic movie is funny but your idea of entertainment could be larger than the idea of “funny”. Entertainment should engage in mental skills, as well. Games are a good entertainment product, on the contrary, because they can involve your brain skills, memory skills, and other skills depending on the specific game and, at the same time, you play that game and feel happy with it. That’s the point. And that’s also a reason to explain the great success of today’s casino games, for example. These Arabic Casino reviews are one of the greatest sources of information about casino games on the web, a true must-know piece of advice to choose the best casino online.

Things That People Want To Find In A Park

So, now, back to our main topic: what can make an amusement park be an un-discussed success? Of course, it has to offer a series of amazing rides and entertainment products. People want to experience pure fun that is worth the price of the ticket. We’ve gathered a few characteristics that amusement or themed park must have to attract more people and give them all that they are looking for:

  1. Landmark
    A great amusement park should look more than attractive, let’s say irresistibly eye-catching. The landmark should be designed in a way that people can feel like part of the story. It has to be engaging and totally involving, it has to re-describe the idea of reality all around the people.
  2. Multiple attractionsfamily in a park
    The ideal amusement park should offer a countless number of attractions without height restrictions. So, more people can feel free to access more rides. Consider that height restrictions divide families and groups of friends between those who can and those who can’t access a ride.
  3. Short waits
    One of the most annoying aspects of amusement parks is the endless time you have to wait for a ride to be free for you. That’s a reason why many people end up giving up choosing certain rides. Well, a great amusement park should organize the waits for attractions in a way that people have to stand in line only for a few minutes, at least for non-new attractions.
  4. Playground areas
    Kids and children might easily get bored to stand and sit on rides all the time. The park must offer playground areas where they move, run, jump, and play in all freedom.
  5. Shortcuts
    Usually, amusement parks are impressively large. It’s hard to visit all the space within a day! So, shortcuts like vintage trains, boats, and similar, are perfect to allow people to get around in the park.
  6. Gluten-free, allergen-free foods
    When it comes to restaurants and eating needs, people seem to be more exigent than ever. For this reason, it’s a good idea for park owners to offer multiple food options, including gluten-free or allergen-free foods, vegan menus, and a wide variety of foods.

Finally, a great amusement park should plan season discounts, special offerings for families with kids, and other benefits that encourage more people to go and visit it.


6 Steps To Create A Start Your Amusement Park

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The entertainment and amusement industry is making important steps forward. Its revenue growth is a big success and it’s also the reason why new entrepreneurs may want to start a venture in this industry. You don’t have to own billion dollars to create an amusement park: everything starts from little and, if you are a great entrepreneur and you have good luck, your park will grow over time.

It’s honest to tell you that not all amusement parks are a success. There are quite a few factors that come into the process and influence the future and potential development of such a business project. Starting an amusement park should be always intended as starting a business venture. So, before you launch your wallet and dreams into the project, take your time to plan your work carefully. If you can hire a good expert in business management with solid knowledge in the amusement industry, you will certainly get excellent pieces of advice to get started the right way.

amusement parkAdults Love Amusement Parks

People love themed amusement parks. These places make them feel like living in a fairy tale or one of the world’s most popular cartoon movies. There are many different types of amusement parks according to the theme and target audience. For example, you can find a large number of amusement parks for children and kids, but there are also several exciting parks for adults, as well.

Fun and amusement are appreciated at all ages, that’s the point. And we can see this in several aspects of life. Adults are indeed the most fervent game players on the internet and they are enthusiast consumers of casino games. That’s why the gaming industry is also growing quickly all across the world. It’s not a coincidence that today you can find verified and authorized virtual casinos that offer generous rewards, like this Bonus free spin on a large variety of slots. The main point is that each game is safe and designed to offer a great and realistic gaming experience. In this regard, it’s interesting to notice that several casino-themed amusement parks in the world seem to be pretty successful.

Things That Make Your Amusement Park Irresistible

Let’s see in practice the things that will make your amusement park project be an outstanding reality in your place. Take a paper and a pen and get ready to start with the followings:

  1. Pick a theme
    Every amusement park needs the main theme. You can choose it in a variety of themes, like adventure, futurism, nature, fantasy, history, cinema and, as we told you above, casino.
  2. Franchising or independent park?
    You can choose your best option between franchising or starting an independent park. Both options come with specific pros and cons. Franchise businesses give new entrepreneurs more support as they work for and with a proven brand with a large popularity among the audience. But you won’t have the same freedom to decide how to manage prices, for example, or other aspects of your amusement park.
  3. Hire a professional for a feasibility studyfeasibility study
    You will need money to finance your amusement park. On this point, the best solution is to hire great experts who can make a business plan for you and study the potential revenue of your amusement park. The goal of a feasibility study is to identify all the possible chances of growth of your project, so you can access adequate bank loans.
  4. Making a business plan
    It’s essential for every kind of business. A business plan should take into account the development of a strategy on the base of the feasibility study. It has to include your business vision and mission, what kind of amusement park you want to open, and good market research that reveals how much competitive your park can be and how you will advertise it. In the business plan you have to include also your marketing strategy with costs.
  5. Hire experts to design your amusement park
    You need someone expert to design your amusement park and to help you decide what attractions and rides you want to offer your guests. The experts have to check the safety conditions of every attraction and ride, as well.
  6. Attract investors
    You should think about capturing potential investors who may want to take part in your business venture. Investors will help you support your amusement park while representing an opportunity to expand in the marketplace. Organize meetings, business events for your investors where you can show them slides and business projections about your amusement park.

Finally, make sure to hire only the best candidates to work in your amusement park. You need to create a team of motivated people around yourself.


Booking Event Tickets

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There are a lot of award shows and events that happened all around the world in order to congratulate people on their achievements. Of course worldwide we have popular events like the Golden Globe Awards or the Emmys but there are many smaller events that take place like the Golden Ticket Awards. Using these third-party companies to book your tickets for different venues and events gives you access to a variety of options that you might not have on your own. 

So why book directly through the site?

  • You can save time by not having to do any research yourself or try to navigate through confusing and sometimes conflicting information online.

  • You can save money by getting better deals directly through the company especially when those promotions or deals have to do with booking events in the future.

  • You can save time and money by finding promotions or deals that combine different aspects of your event like travel, transportation, and event tickets. 

That said, let’s look at each of these benefits in a little more detail.

Laptop Online Bookings

Saving Time and Money

One of the first benefits to using a third-party to book your event for you is that you can save time and money. First of all if you are unfamiliar with the area it is going to take a lot of background research for you to safely determine where you want to stay, perhaps what hotels are available in the area, and how far they are from the venue in question. You will have to do background research on whether the venue location charges for things like parking or has Transportation options from nearby hotels or not. All of this is a contributory factor into whether you have to spend money and time booking reservations for extra features like a rental car. There might be a variety of different levels of tickets that you can purchase for the event in question and you probably aren’t familiar with what options you have.

This is yet another situation where booking through a website directly can give you access to a variety of features and benefits you might not have known about. There might be special promotional deals or packages when you book multiple things at once, or just promotional tickets for upcoming events if you book far enough in advance or get a special drink package. All of these extra features can save you money and having someone else explain them to you and figure out what it is you are looking for and then books that on your behalf can save you a great deal of time.

Better Deals

By working with a company directly to book your award show or event tickets, you can figure out what things are coming up in the future and book better deals in the present. This is especially true in the midst of things like covid-19. When companies have to cancel events or upcoming award shows as a result of the pandemic, they lose money but those companies are still looking to keep things open once the restrictions in different states and countries are reduced. To help with this there are plenty of companies that are offering different promotions and rebates for people who sign up and at least put down deposits for future events. Booking your future events now can save you money long term by getting you better deals than you would find under normal circumstances. And only by working directly with the company to book your tickets can you find information on upcoming golden ticket Awards and events that might offer such deals.

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4 Scientific Reasons Why People Love Scary Rides

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It might sound a little weird to most of you but, yeah, it turns out from scientific studies that people like to be scared. Gaining some form of pleasure from fear and suspense is normal behaviour for human beings, so don’t get shocked anymore if someone tells you how funny the world’s scariest amusement park rides can be!

Different Ways To Seek Thrills And Fear

This weird seek for fear and the thrills coming from it can be noticed not only in the people who visit amusement parks to jump on fancy scary rides but also in the people who love going to the cinema for a heartbreaking creepy movie. Shouting out loud at every scary scene is probably the most intense pleasure they can wish to experience.

A similar behaviour includes also the thousands of fervent online gamblers who play casino games more for the amazing thrills coming from that than for other reasons. That’s why the online gambling world seems to expand pretty quickly and widely in the world. Skilled and passionate gamblers enjoy playing live game tournaments to experience the very best of even virtual casino playing. Besides, some interesting bonuses and promotions encourage the gamblers to join and try the new games, as well.

And what about those people who practice dangerous sports? The concept is the same: they love feeling the thrills of fear that they can feel when challenging the power of nature, for example. Recently, sports like free diving, big wave surfing, auto racing, bull riding, mountain climbing are gaining larger popularity among sports amateurs of all ages.

The Psychology Of Fear

Why do people like to try scary rides when going to an amusement park? Aren’t they afraid or aware of the risks that they can take? They surely know that dangerous rides come with a series of potential risks but the fact is that feeling the fear is irresistible because feeling scared is part of our human nature.

In other words, when jumping on a dangerous ride, people experience physical sensations like heavy breathing, pounding heartbeat, cold sweat, stomachache, irregular blood flow. These physical reactions are typical of fear and fear is nothing but a reaction to something or someone who is perceived as dangerous. Fear is a behavioural reaction that we all “need” to experience in life as it activates the brain to release specific hormones.

Getting On A Scary Ride

on a roller coaster

So, there’s a full world of sensations and body responses to fear and scary rides at amusement parks seem to exceed in evoking it all. Fear and fun generate a weird oxymoron, here we want to try to explain this apparent contradiction:

  1. Scary rides are safe
    That’s reason #1 why people want to try scary rides when visiting an amusement park. They know that they are safe, no matter how scary the ride can be. Every ride is indeed provided with safety equipment and measures to avoid any possible incident. Just one thing: when at an amusement park, check if the ride is safe before getting on as not all rides are the same safe and equipped.
    Scientifically speaking, the brain evaluates the situation and knows there aren’t any risks in sight.
  2. A rush of hormones while on a ride
    Fear generates a body response in terms of release of a rush of hormones, like endorphins and dopamine. This hormone rush can give a sensation of pleasure that is very similar to the euphoria evoked by opioid substances. Moreover, knowing that we are actually safe on a ride, we feel also a sense of gratification and relief.
  3. The bravery of challenging a scary ride
    Another very important reason why people love scary rides is the sensation of self-satisfaction after trying a scary ride. The fact that we could “survive” such a scary experience skyrockets our self-esteem as we could face and overcome the fear. It’s like if someone pokes you on a shoulder and tells you “well done!”.
  4. Sharing the thrills with others
    Many people use to date at amusement parks. Why? Well, because when riding on a scary ride, they will be more likely to get closer to curl in for protection and this behaviour reinforces their bond or if it’s the first date, can contribute to creating a new bond between the two. Another aspect to consider is that experiencing the same thrilling ride with someone makes you like that person even more than before getting on the ride.

So, for those who were just curious about the “dark side” of scary rides, they can now get a clue of the biochemical psychological and body responses when getting on a ride. We all are curious to see what’s hidden beyond the corner, what the “unknown” actually is and amusement park rides seem to offer us the strongest answers.

5 Money-Saving Tips To Enjoy Theme Parks On A Budget

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5 Money-Saving Tips To Enjoy Theme Parks On A Budget

Are you going to plan your next getaway but you’re still struggling to find out a smart solution? No matter who you are, one thing is possibly sure: you want to save money on entertainment and trips. You don’t have to feel ashamed for that, after all, even the wealthiest people in this world still want to save their money.

What’s Your Idea Of Entertainment?

Saving money on entertainment is a smart way to afford funny moments without crying on an empty wallet. We’re just out the confinement phase and we all want and need to get back to our normal lifestyle. Taking the family out for a one-day trip is an excellent idea to give yourself and your dear ones precious hours of distraction and fun. If you have kids, they will simply love the idea!

sports betting

When it comes to forms of entertainment, there’s plenty of choices to pick. However, this doesn’t mean that every option is the same convenience. You should first define your budget and then you can get a clue of how much you can spend on a one-day family trip.

Another thing to consider is that currently there are several low-cost entertainment solutions on the web. For example, cinema movies, cartoons for kids, video games, Sports Betting. In particular, sports betting options turn out to be a smart way to approach the world of sports and see if your knowledge of a specific team is enough good to win a bet. Follow our link to pick your favorite sports venue among some of the world’s most appreciated and secure sports sites.

You’ll Fall In Love With Amusement Parks!

If you want to take your family with kids to a special place, amusement parks are going to satisfy your entertainment needs. Today, there are dozens of great amusement parks. You can find the nearest to your place on the web. Moreover, you can pick your ideal amusement park according to its theme. Another way to select an amusement park is to consider the overall services it offers, the costs for meals, the cost for rides, check if it offers green areas where you can have a picnic or play ball in all freedom.

Anyway, consider that amusement parks are an excellent destination for the whole family at any age. The range of rides and services is always so large that it’s impossible not to find something fun to do and see once you are there.

Here’s How You Can Save On Amusement Parks

Back to the main topic – you want to save money. So, let’s go straight to the point with our list of effective money-saving tips for affording great amusement park entertainment at the lowest costs:

  1. Ticket optionsamusement park ticket
    You can save on the ticket price in several ways. You can pick an off-peak season ticket, a family ticket, you can buy tickets online or months ahead. Usually, all amusement parks offer tickets at different prices during the year, so you have plenty of chances to find discounts on tickets.
  2. Define your budget
    This is obvious, but we want to say it again. You must define your budget and stay on it. Include in the budget the costs for meals, beverages, extra rides for your kids (it’s sad to say “no” when they ask for an extra ride).
  3. Avoid buying silly gadgetssouvenir stand
    All amusement parks are into the business of selling all kinds of stuff to their visitors. Although you may be curious to take a quick peek at the sellers’ stands, resist from buying tons of useless objects that you won’t know where to place at home. Limit your shopping to just a couple of significant gadgets or postcards just to keep a souvenir of the day.
  4. Bring most-needed items from home
    Instead of having to buy something you urgently need on the spot, you’d better think smart and bring all the might-need things you want from home. Prepare a backpack and make sure you put everything you may need in it. Include sunglasses, ponchos, camera supplies, extra clothing, wet wipes, lip balm, sunscreen, a water bottle.
  5. Avoid the character-theme dinner
    Most amusement parks offer character-theme dinner shows. It would be great to attend one, but if your goal is to save your wallet, skip such dinner shows. Pick a meal at a lower price as an alternative. Keep in mind to avoid drinking sugary or cold beverages while walking in the sun.

As you can see, you have plenty of ways to survive on a budget. Just stay on it, avoid buying useless things, bring abundant might-need items (you never know)… you’re going to live a funny day outside with your family!


4 Planning Tricks For A Family Theme-Park Trip

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Summertime is the best period of the year to organize wonderful family trips and vacations. If you can’t afford a one-week vacation, you can always plan quick one-day trips with your family for the weekends, for example.

Having a nice time is not connected to how many days you spend on vacation. Fun depends on the quality of the time that you spend with your family members. So, you can enjoy a one-day trip to an amusement park way better than a one-month-long vacation on a white-sand beach with crystal-clear sea waves, just for one thing.

Begin Planning Your Trip Rationally

family at a theme-park

If you are new to amusement parks, you may be even more excited about planning a family trip to one of these whimsical and amazing places. First off, consider that you can pick your best amusement park among dozens of great options. Make research for your area and see if you can find amusement parks nearby. Once you come up with a good theme-park option, begin to think about planning your trip.

There are so many things and aspects that you have to know to prepare a perfect family trip. It would be uncomfortable to get there and realize you’ve forgotten your sunglasses at home or that you need an extra T-shirt for your kid. The point is that you have to make a rational plan, no matter how excited you and your kids are about visiting a theme-park for your first time. Of course, you all are happy about the coming-soon trip and it’s great. But keep in mind to take your time to proceed one thing at a time.

So, let’s see here what you need to know before packing your family in the car to reach an amusement park.

What It Takes To Plan A Perfect Family Trip?

First of all, if the theme-park that you want to reach is reasonably distant from your home and you have to drive for several miles, make sure to break the travel into a couple of stops so your kids can get off the car and have a break from travelling on the road.

Another thing that you should take care of is making a list of the most needed emergency numbers to call in case you need urgent assistance. Include also the contacts of this emergency locksmith service near me, it’s a precious resource in case you get locked out your car or if your transponder car key doesn’t unlock the car door anymore.

Thirdly, but not less important, remember these effective theme-park tricks to have a great family experience from the beginning to the end of the day:

  1. Make a research on the park
    Once you’ve found the theme-park that you want to visit, take care of viewing its operating schedule to make sure you know when the park is open and when it’s not. So, you can plan your arrival at the park and how long time you can spend there. Sometimes, theme-parks are closed for maintenance and it would be a waste of time not to know it ahead.
  2. Make your theme-park route
    Theme-parks is immensely big places… you may easily get lost while walking from a ride to the other one. And at the end of the day, you may regret not having the chance to visit certain areas of the park. So, before getting there, make your theme-park route and consider how much time you want to spend for each ride or activity in the park. You’ll be sure to see all the corners of the park that attract you the most.
  3. Take must-need things with you
    When preparing your backpack, keep in mind to take with you a sun lotion, sunglasses, extra T-shirts, bottles of water (walking in the sun will make you insanely thirsty), and any other most-needed item that you and your kids may need to use. Why should you pay double for a thing that you already have at home? That’s the bottom line.
  4. Be sure your kids can access rides
    Depending on their height, your kids might be denied access to some rides. Before promising to your little ones that they will try those rides, check on the theme website if they can access them. Make also sure that the rides that you want to try are available and not being under maintenance.

Finally, don’t forget to bring a camera and extra batteries for your best family shots!


Tuxedo Shirts For Concerts

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When you are headed out to your upcoming event, booked through an event site, and you need to dress for the part. For men, that can often include tuxedos. Finding the right attire for an event is important given that some events won’t so much as allow you to enter into the park or concert hall without the appropriate clothing. Investing in good concert and event clothing can be a simple process.


There are key concepts each man should know when it comes to their formal attire. Tuxedo shirts for men are bound to be one of them. There are many types of tuxedo shirts for men, different styles, sizes, colors, patterns, fabrics, and designs, as well as variable collar types. Knowing how to hold the sleeves on tuxedo shirts is very important. While it is best to hang formal attire such as tuxedo shirts, there are times when it is necessary to fold or store the items. Doing this the right way is imperative to the life of the shirts. Tuxedos are expensive and therefore taking care of each individual element of the tuxedo will maintain the quality for years to come. Tuxedo shirts for men will not retain their shape if they are not folded and stored properly. Folding the sleeves is a simple process and once mastered it can be applied to any dress shirts.






The first step to folding the shirts is to lay them on a flat surface. Make sure that the front of the shirt is facing downward. After this, use your hand to smooth out folds or wrinkles in the shirt so that the back of the tuxedo shirts is as flat as the surface beneath it. Each sleeve should then be folded horizontally and then inward so that each of the cuffs on the sleeves crosses over the center of the back of the shirt. Do not fold the side seams of the shirt at this point. Then fold the sleeves toward the back again. This is when you should be careful and bring the side seams in evenly from the beginning of the shoulder to the hem. These should meet underneath the back of the collar. You finish folding the tuxedo shirts by folding the bottom half upward until the hem rests below the sleeves. Fold the first once more so that the sleeves end up below the collar. 

Storage for Your Shirts


After the tuxedo shirts have been stored, then you pull out the shirt for a special occasion, you might want to add flair to the tuxedo shirts. This can be done by adding ruffles. To add the ruffles you will need to have a sewing needle with matching thread, pins, and a sewing machine if you do not want to sew the ruffles into the tuxedo shirt by hand. The nice part about adding ruffles to your tuxedo shirt is that you can make them large or small. To begin you should place pins on the shirt where you would like the ruffles. Pinch part of the fabric to do this and then pin the base to get a clean line. This will create a long fold. Sew up this fold using a simple and straight stitch. Repeat this measure for as many ruffles as you would like, however be sure that the stitching is straight and the color thread used is the same as the shirt color, or different if you want to add a unique look.


Once you are ready for your event, you can sit back and reward yourself by playing some of your favorite online casino games. With an online casino, you don’t need to dress up in a tuxedo to play. You can play from the comfort of your home wearing nothing but your pj’s. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about spilling food or drink on your concert or event attire while you play, or coming home smelling of cigarettes. When you head to an online casino you are rewarded in more ways than just the ease and comfort of playing at home, you get the added benefit of multiple currencies in case you want to load or withdrawal winnings in a specific currency. You can handle all transactions virtually, so no more walking across the casino floor with your concert clothes full of cash. For more information you can check out the site.

The 5 Craziest Reasons Why People Love Amusement Parks

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There’s pretty interesting and intriguing psychology behind the unbridled love that many people experience about amusement parks. It’s not only because amusement parks offer a large array of funny activities and things to do, but it’s also for some reasons that stay hidden in the most secret corner of the human mind.

online slotDifferent Games For Differently Aged People

One of the most evident aspects of amusement parks is that both children and adults love them. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Adults don’t usually like anymore the games and things that they used to do as children. Their tastes changed over time. As a child, you would be thrilled about playing peek-a-boo with your friends. But as an adult, you think such a game is boring… you’d better want to play a cool casino game online and get good bonus and exceptional rewards. That’s more or less the idea. In particular, if you are passionate about casino games, you can find a ton of amazing and safe games at Thai Casino Center, one of the major casino guide of our days – just take a look and pick your favorite game to try!

So, although adults and children are usually attracted by different kinds of free-time activities, amusement parks seem to be the only places that bridge such a big gap. Let’s go ahead and see the reasons why adults are crazily excited about visiting amusement parks.

Carefully Designed To Engage Everyone

The truth is that amusement parks are designed to be a commercial product for either adults and children. They aren’t randomly equipped and themed. They are the result of attentive studies about the way the human mind reacts to the fun. It’s a matter of brain science and we might consider this kind of park to work like psychological machines.

Everything in an amusement park comes well prepared to engage the visitors: colors, buildings, design, the things you can see and do there. Everything is meant to involve people and make them love the amusement park experience. It’s not accidental that a lot of people decide to go once again.

Impressive And Weird Reasons Why You’ll Love It, Too

As we told you above, amusement parks are a kind of psychological machine. In a nutshell, these places are meant to make you experience emotions and feelings that activate specific areas in your brain. From those areas, hormones like adrenaline are generated. The hormones of excitement are also released by the brain all through the body.

While you may easily ignore what happens inside your brain while jumping on a ride, you can’t deny that you experience the following thrills and emotions:

  1. Scary but safe
    When you are on a ride, you can feel all the deepest emotions connected to scare and fear. But – and that’s the point – you know that you are safe, no matter how dangerous the ride can be. This is the reason why your brain “tells” you that such rides are funny, cool, and irresistible.
  2. Love opportunitiesa fairy castle
    According to researchers, when people are in a fairy-like situation tend to be more attracted to each other than in regular everyday situation. Walking through a princesses-and-heroes themed landscape takes people to a different world where they feel they can make their dream come true. Such a dream is usually about starting a love relationship. So, dating someone at an amusement park sounds a great idea to grab his/her attention!
  3. The “almost-won” effect
    Think about traditional carnival games where you have to shoot a ball to a target to win a giant teddy bear. Such games generate the “almost-won” effect in the players, that encourages them to try it again. What you think is “I’ve missed it by an inch, I can do better” and that’s what keeps you playing the game.
  4. Waiting in a line
    Nobody likes to wait in line… but when you are at an amusement park and you want to try a ride, you can’t help but wait in long lines. Researchers say that waiting in a line makes people appreciate the ride even more. As a result, you will tend to feel happier and more excited about the ride.
  5. Surrounded by strangerscotton candy
    There’s always some animal instinct in everyone. When being surrounded by a crowd of strangers, we tend to feel less responsible for our actions and more impulsive. So, we don’t hesitate to behave less politely and gently than usual. For example, we are more likely to pig out cotton candy.

The tricky psychology of amusement parks is hard to cheat as it activates areas of our brain that are connected with instinct. It’s a complicated system but it’s out of doubt that most people have loving memories of amusement parks from childhood.


Why Is Entertainment So Important to Us?

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Entertainment has been with mankind for the longest time. Since the dawn of time, our species has preferred to keep busy whether that was through exchanging some gossips or perhaps even the stage arts. Of course, the theatre didn’t emerge until fairly recently in our history and, admittedly, entertainment has evolved past theatres. 

Today, you can experience all sorts of entertainment products, from video games to cinema, to online casinos, and all sorts of recreational activities. Mankind’s strive to be amused has conquered new heights. Yet, there is a reason beyond selfishness why this is the case, and it’s a good reason, too.

Entertainment is a way to unwind and enjoy your daily lives. Far more importantly, though, it’s essential to have a balanced lifestyle, one that allows you to enjoy yourself and be mentally healthy. In a world that is increasingly stressful to the individual, having access to ways to unwind and recharge your batteries makes all the difference, plain and simple. Today, we will look into several common pastimes and why they matter to your happiness and mental health. First, though, we will talk about three types of hobbies:

  • Creative hobbies
  • Challenging hobbies
  • Recreational hobbies

Creative Hobbies

Creative hobbies are one of the best kind of hobbies you can have. They have to do with the so-called humanities and more artsy endeavours. Those include painting, drawing, and of course, creative writing. All of these can be considered fantastic hobbies and while they do have a learning curve and aren’t necessarily too difficult to get into.

Of course, how good you become at your hobby will depend on how much time you spend. Some people are naturally better writers or drawing artists than others, but with persistence, the late-bloomers among you can quickly overcome any adversity and bloom into brilliant art people yourselves. 

Creative writing and painting will help you pass the time in a delightful and structured way, one that ultimately leads to creating objects of beauty and telling meaningful stories, and meaning is what humans need to live in peace. 

Challenging Hobbies 

Some hobbies, naturally, take a more challenging turn of fates. But what constitutes a challenging hobby? Well, that depends on how high you set the bar for yourself. Simply playing the piano for fun isn’t too complicated at all, but trying to play the piano professionally or play one of Chopin’s more complicated works certainly adds a level of challenge there.

Now, many people pick hobbies that are challenging the individual because those hobbies allow you to grow and become better. They also give you a sense of accomplishment, which is very important to the individual.

Accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges is the very psychology of meaningful existence. People love to be challenged by various life situations even though they wouldn’t admit or necessarily seek a challenge. 

creative photgraphy

However, when you take up a challenging hobby, you are putting an entirely new spin on any activity yourself. The reason behind this is very simple and straightforward, in fact. Unlike day-to-day activities that are tied to stressful things, such as making a living or being good at your job, hobbies are purely about you.

You set the pace at which you want to overcome the challenge, and your accomplishments are purely own, with no scrutiny from the outside world, plain and simple. This, in its essence, is vastly rewarding to most individuals out there who enjoy a good challenge when they see one, and especially if the rewards feel so sweet in the end.

Recreational Hobbies

What are recreational hobbies you may wonder? Well, these are the types of hobbies where you are a passive observer for the most time, but still enjoy yourself a whole lot. Finding a great online casino where you can play your favourite games is one example. Recreational hobbies can be practised time and over again without ever losing their appeal. So, in the case of online gaming and choosing a great casino for yourself, you will find the activity vastly rewarding.

Another great hobby to truly consider is cinema. Watching Netflix and HBO or just going to a cinema theatre, is still a great way to pass your free time. Some people develop a real flair for good cinema, so much that they start digging up in the past and watch every bit of good cinema there.

All in all, all of these activities lead to one thing and one thing alone: a balanced lifestyle where you feel both healthy in your body and mind. The important thing, though, is to take everything in moderation, even your hobbies. 


4 Safety Tips For Enjoying Thrilling Amusement Rides

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This summer you may want to go exploring that new amusement park that you heard so often from your friends’ talks… it sounds like a great idea to enjoy a free day between relaxation and fun.

Amusement parks are indeed one of the most targeted destinations for family trips as these places can offer a variety of attractions for both adults and kids. There are rides of all kinds, green areas where you can play ball with your kids, cycle paths for bicycle ventures, mini-trains to get around in the park, and even small boats to get to the opposite side of a lake!

A Day At An Amusement Park

amusement park

And what about having lunch in the park? You can choose a variety of menus for all tastes. If you are vegan, you can find specific foods. Today’s parks offer a pretty generous array of different restaurants and fast-food chains for everyone, including foods for toddlers. You won’t have any difficulty finding your favorite food.

Thanks to their high number of different rides, amusement parks turn to be attractive places for everyone and at any age. Adults can indeed have fun with the most thrilling and heart-breaking rides, while kids can choose in a variety of cartoon-themed rides that will make them feel like living into their favorite cartoon stories. In this regard, you may be interested in picking one of the several parks that are specifically themed on the most amazing cartoons of history. It might be a great idea for a birthday gift.

Even adults may be pleased to spend a whole day at an amusement park. If you are a passionate casino player or anyway attracted by the casino environment, you may want to look for a park with casino-themed rides or play areas. A precious piece of advice for you: make sure to practice a little bit of free online games before you play for real money in a real-world casino. For roulette amateurs, we suggest you check this licensed and authorized site where you’ll find plenty of casinos to pick.

Make Sure You Know These Safety Measuressomeone falling off

Certain rides may look dangerous and that’s possibly the reason why some people decide to avoid them. Besides, news about fatal accidents and injuries related to hazards of certain rides make all the rest. As a parent but also as an individual visiting an amusement park, you should be aware that every ride can become dangerous if you don’t secure yourself or your kids to the seat.

Injuries and other accidental hazards can be avoided as much as you know the risks and how to prevent them. For this reason, all parks display a specific table of safety measures for each ride. Make sure you don’t ignore those life-saving safety measures! Here are some common safety tips for you:

  1. Look at the employees
    If you notice that a ride operator isn’t paying attention to the ride or to the people who are on it, it’s a sign that you should avoid that ride. If you are with your kids, teach them to check if the ride operator is enough vigilant on the ride.
  2. Don’t try to break the rules
    If your children aren’t enough tall for a ride, don’t try to convince the operator about they are “so close” to the required height. If you break the rules, both the operator and yourself are blindly walking into a bunch of troubles. Moreover, your children’s safety can be seriously compromised.
  3. Don’t lose sight of your kidsdad and toddler on a ride
    When visiting an amusement park, someone of your family may want to separate for a while to go exploring a different area. If this is your case, make sure to tell your kids where you will meet again. Establish exactly where and when you have to meet. Moreover, make sure your kids are enough mature to avoid any potential hazards while they’re alone.
  4. Dress appropriate clothes
    If you’re going to enjoy a day at an amusement park, avoid uncomfortable clothing or loose clothing that might be caught on the ride equipment. The same goes for shoes. Wear comfortable shoes that allow you to walk and stay on the feet for a long time without any risk of pain. Make also sure you wear shoes that won’t damage too much when getting on and off a ride.

Especially during the hottest days of the year, many people feel sick. It’s because they eat sugary and salty foods and drink too little water. You must stay hydrated, so take a bottle of water with you and drink from time to time and, most importantly, avoid any junk food when you are out in the hot sun.